Ski A to Z Review in Ski+Board

In the latest edition of Ski+Board magazine (22 November 2021) Arnie Wilson reviewed Ski A to Z and Goodnight Chairlift in a fabulous double page spread with cover pictures and illustrations from the two books.

In the review Arnie said, “What makes this book – for me at least – are the flamboyant (and I use the word as a huge compliment) illustrations. Most people reading Ski+Board will have a pretty good grasp of skiing’s A to Z, but because this glossary of definitions and suggestions has a backdrop of hugely colourful and cheerful illustrations, it does wonders for any lingering lessons in the learning process about skiing safety, instruction and après-ski pleasures, even though in many ways it’s aimed at beginners.” Arnie Wilson Ski+Board November 2021

Ski+Board is the magazine of The Ski Club of Great Britain. Arnie Wilson was previously the ski correspondent for the Financial Times and later editor of Ski+Board.

Goodnight Chairlift is the new book from Libby Ludlow, illustrated by Nathan Jarvis.

Thanks Arnie. More about Arnie at this link.

Après-Ski Book illustration image which is included in the magazine feature.

Info and pre-order links for Ski A to Z are here.

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