Book Creation Tech – Use Of Apple Devices

“Thank you for coming to present to our store team on Sunday. They loved hearing about your passion and what has inspired you to create a brilliant piece of work.”

Apple Store Manager

It was wonderful to visit the Apple Store in Sheffield and share the story of my book Ski A to Z and explain how my Apple devices were used at all the different stages of the process from writing the text, to processing the artworks, through to laying out the book pages.

What I call ‘my Orchard’, aka my Apple devices, are the key tools in my creative process, along with my paint products, brushes, pens and pencils. After purchasing each own the devices I have taken classes inshore on how to get the best from the technology, firstly through Apple’s ‘One to One’ training sessions and more recently through ‘Today At Apple’

After popping to the Apple Store at Meadowhall to show my book Ski A to Z I was asked to return to the store to share with the team how I used my iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil, MacBook and Mac to create the work.

So on Sunday I took Ski A to Z, my iPad and delivered a bespoke presentation to the 24 team members.

It was great to be able to thank the team for their support with the purchase and set up of my devices and to show how the skills learned through the many hours of instore training sessions had been applied.

Plus it was awesome to see my work on a 65 inch screen!

The store manager said, “Thank you for coming to present to our store team on Sunday. They loved hearing about your passion and what has inspired you to create a brilliant piece of work.”

“The buzz and conversation it has generated with our team has been excellent. The questions that the team were asking as a result of your presentation were great to hear and you engaged brilliantly. Personally I really appreciated the time you spent with our new Creatives and Creative Pro’s, they learnt a lot about the power of our customer journey and what Today at Apple can do.”

Thanks again to all at The Apple Store for the support, enthusiasm and inspiring energy.

As it wasn’t possible to take pictures in the Apple Store staff area, Ive created this fun skiing apple illustration.

I was due to start managing the PR for Meadowhall the week after I blew my knee (in 2015). It was to be my Sheffield ‘dream job’ come true. More info about this fabulous shopping and entertainment centre is here

I advocate lifelong learning, for wellbeing and staying enthusiastic about life. Here are some of my favourite learning platforms.

Today at Apple


Make Art That Sells

and for motivation my favourite podcast is Creative Pep Talk. I highly recommend each of the above.

For more information and to order Ski A to Z click here.

Ski A to Z is published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK).

Thanks so much for being here. If you already have a copy of Ski A to Z please take a minute to write a review where you bought it or on Google Books. it is lovely to hear people feedback on the work, and it helps more people to discover the book.

Best wishes

Kim x

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