2022 is a blank canvas of infinite possibilities and potential. Flow with your joy.

Love, luck, health and enough wealth for 2022.

Best of 2021

Celebrating a great year of work in 2021. The Ski A to Z book, private commissions, the Fall Line t-shirt, my work being published in 30 Years In A White Haze, and meeting great people whilst promoting Ski A to Z, these are all wonderful highlights of 2021.

Here are my favourite 9 outcomes of 2021.

Favourite 9 outcomes from 2021

The best 9 explained – alternatively scroll down to ‘Choosing the Best 9’

1-9 going across from left to right:

1. Citrus themed sport ‘Joynal’ journal cover design project for Make Art That Sells (MATS) Bootcamp brief. 2. Belgian waffle, strawberries and raspberries watercolour painting. 3. Ski Band – Air guitar meets skiing for this cable car stage performance,

4. Ski themed surface pattern designs applied to tableware inspired by Margo Tantau’s teachings in MATS Home Decor course. 5. Snow falling on my first book written and illustrated, Ski A to Z. 6. Family skiing illustration for F for Family in Ski A to Z – tricky composition to get all those skis in.

7. Ski themed fabric design applied to an upholstered rocking chair and cushions (pillows), floor lamp, wallpaper and wall art prompted by MATS Hone Decor briefs. 8. Ski Piste/ Trail map created for M for Map in Ski A to Z. I created the map design then applied it onto the folded placeholder held by the mittened hands. And finally number 9. Commissioned artwork of Donna and Vaughn (who love to ski) to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Choosing the Best 9

These pieces stand out in terms of the stretch, the challenge, skills development progress and satisfaction with the final piece.

Ski A to Z has over 100 illustrations created from January 2020 to August 2021. The final illustration for the book was this one, painted on 20 August, dropped into the book layout the same day, and sent off for printing in first week of September.

Springs for knees concept for ‘M for Moguls’ in Ski A to Z

I worked really hard, dug deep to muster all the courage, resolve, stamina, belief and imagination needed to complete the projects/goals. The months of very long days although incredibly productive were at the expense of sleep, wrinkles and family time which I plan to balance better in 2022.

My new website and shop were other key outcomes, which solopreneurs will know is not easy.

There were many new pieces created this year, so in order to narrow it down I put all my favourite pieces from the year in a photo album on my phone, then selected the best 9 from these.

Favourite 40+ pieces, chosen from all those created in 2021


Thank you for all the support, likes, to my commissioners, collaborators and my publisher Meyer and Meyer Sport.

If a piece resonates with you I’d love to know, please comment or DM.

Remembering @tutorbill – I am grateful for Bill’s teaching which was a breakthrough for my drawing approaches, that are the foundation of that I create.

I’m excited to see what emerges through the work and projects in 2022.

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings to you and yours. Have a lovely Christmas

and here’s to a great season and wonderful 2022.

Skiing reindeer, sledding white rabbit and a flying robin enjoying the snow as snow falls.
Christmas 2021 Greeting Design
Season's Greeting card design gif.

Thank you for all the support in 2021. Its been a wonderful year of work with of course Ski A to Z being the big highlight.

How it was made

After so many skier illustrations, I thought that I would let some animals join in the fun and have a slide. I sketched out the animals and then popped the sketch on my lightbox beneath my paper and created the animals in coloured pencils. I was watching a Bridget Riley documentary at the time which also referenced Seurat so there are these influences in the work.

It was fun to create. I had 25 cards printed for friends, family and UK based colleagues with Killaprint, then created the animated gif (above) in Procreate app on my iPad Pro to send and share.

The design is available for licensing at the time of posting.

Christmases Past…

Here are my previous Christmas Greetings:

Santa sports car loaded with sacks of gifts, white dog Sam leads the way.
Santa and Sam – Gif of the card design for Christmas 2019

Gingerbread village evening Christmas scene with sweet file sleight and reindeers.
Sweet Christmas – 2018 Card design featuring the 13 inch tall gingerbread house, sleigh and reindeer, I made.

Have a wonderful time, celebrating.

Thinking of those no longer with us and remembering happy times together.

Love and luck


Winter Insight Feature On Ski A to Z

This feature on Ski A to Z has been published on the Winter Insight website today.

We chatted about the book, skiing and illustration at The National Snow Show and here is the resulting feature.

More information about the Ski A to Z book is here.

The book makes an ideal gift for anyone any age that is interested in skiing. You can order the book at links here.

If you’ve already ordered Ski A to Z and are looking for more ski/mountain themed gift ideas then head over to my shop.

Ski Themed Art Gift Shop

Ski Buddies Memory Game

I mocked up this ski themed matching pairs game concept prompted by the Make Art That Sells Brief from Lilla Rogers and Riley Wilkinson.

This memory match game would be ideal for a snowed in afternoon, time relaxing in the chalet, or time at home dreaming about the next ski trip.

The concept uses illustrations painted in watercolours for the Ski A to Z book, composed into the game concept in Procreate app.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the mock- up process.

It feels great to complete this assignment, I had to put the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp brief to one side whilst completing the writing and illustrations for Ski A to Z.

These and 90 other illustrations bring the information and advice of the Ski A to Z book to life. Information and links to buy the book can be found here. The book is being published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK)

Ski A to Z Book by Kimberley Kay - placed on snow.

The illustrations and game concept are available for licensing at the time of posting.

This game is just a concept at present, however you can find the Après-ski boot illustration as playing cards and a jigsaw puzzle at my Zazzle shop.

Thank you so much for being here. Enjoy your day.


High Falutin Ski Bums – Podcast Appearance

It was fun to join Brian and Mario to talk about Ski A to Z for this new episode 265 of the High Falutin Ski Bum podcast.

Ski Bum Podcast Screen Grab
Ski Bum Website Screen Grab

I enjoyed hearing their reaction to seeing Ski A to Z and we almost went into a creative brainstorm. You can listen at this link.

High Falutin Ski Bum Podcast Screen Grab

Ski A to Z is a beautifully illustrated book. It’s beautiful, it’s light, it’s fun, it’s inviting, it’s warm, it was great.” Brian.

I love this comment…

“Her artwork is awesome I think we’re going to see it a lot of places. Like the Dr Seuss of skiing”, Mario. “Doctor Skiing”, Brian.

You can listen to the podcast episode here…

Alternatively you can watch it here…

The podcast episode also includes talk of Michaela Shiffrin, Après ski, and Dan Egan and Eric Wilbur’s 30 Years In A White Haze.

For more information and order links click here – Ski A to Z Book

These are the two illustrations Brian and Mario mentioned as their favourites from Ski A to Z.

This is my third podcast appearance, I try to keep the conversations different so they are all worth a listen. You might also like to check out these podcast appearances:

Windowsill Chats – Podcast Appearance

Ski Rex Media – Podcast Appearance

Thanks to Brian and Mario for a fun time on the podcast. Thanks to you for being here, I value your support.


Ski A to Z in Fall-Line Christmas List

Ski A to Z listed in Fall-Line magazine’s Best Christmas Gifts For Skiers

This easy to understand gem of a book helps demystify skiing and makes it more accessible to anyone looking to give the sport a try. Ideal for families heading off on their first ski trip and novice skiers of all ages, it’s packed full of info and fun insights to help open the door to the wickedly life-affirming world of skiing!  www.skiatoz.com“. Fall-Line Magazine

See the Christmas Gift Guide here.

It is great to see Ski A to Z listed on the website and in the print magazine. I love the immediacy of media relations in our time, I took the picture of Ski A to Z on Sunday afternoon as the snow fell heavily, and its now in this web article.

Ski A to Z is being published by Meyer & Meyer Sport. For information and to order your copy of the book scoot across to Ski A to Z Book.

I’ve been working with Fall Line Magazine on an exciting project so watch this space for when that is announced…

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New England Ski Journal – Ski A to Z Article

Thank you to Eric Wilbur for this article about my new book Ski A to Z in the New England Ski Journal.

It was great to talk with Eric Wilbur about Ski A to Z and touch on how illustration can convey the emotions of skiing.

Ski A to Z Illustration for ‘ A’ for Alpine

You can read the article here – Ski A to Z story in New England Ski Journal

I met Eric whilst promoting the book he co-authored with Dan Egan – 30 Years In A White Haze, for which I provided 22 illustrations.

Some of the illustrations for ‘White Haze’

I’m delighted to hear that 30 Years In A White Haze, so far in paperback, is now available in hardback and ebook formats.

Illustration can give a brand or organisation stand out – get in touch for eye-catching snowsports themed artwork email inspirebykim@outlook.com