Ski Rex Media – Podcast Appearance

It was fun to chat about Ski A to Z with Tim Meyer on his Ski Rex podcast.

Picture of Tim Meyer and Kimberley Kay whilst recording the podcast episode ins Zoom.

As preparation for the Ski Rex podcast episode Tim had the opportunity to review a pre-publication copy of the book.

Tim said, “I really enjoyed the book. The book is awesome and even in an ebook format its kind of wonderful.”

“Ski A to Z has a lot of good information, practical tips and tricks. It really speaks to all different kinds of audiences that are getting into the sport. It couldn’t be any more accessible. The illustrations are wonderful.” – Tim Meyer, Ski Rex Media

Apres-Ski Boot artwork being painted. Painting, hand and watercolour paints palette.
Painting the Après-Ski illustration, discussed and shown in the podcast.

Watch the podcast episode below, we had a lot of laughs…

Ski A to Z Book by Kimberley Kay in snow.

Edge Hill University Story on Ski A to Z

Nice to see this story from my University about the Ski A to Z book.

I enjoyed studying English Literature and Language at Edge Hill University for my BA Honours Degree, and met my husband there.

Ski A to Z is packed full of helpful information, insights and tips to help new skiers to get into the sport, and to enhance enjoyment for those who already ski.

More info and order links here

Painting the ‘Upskill’ illustration for Ski A to Z.
Ski A to Z in this weekend’s snowfall

More information and order links for Ski A to Z are here.

Windowsill Chats – Podcast Appearance

I was delighted to have the opportunity to appear on Margo Tantau’s Windowsill Chats podcast.

Margo and I had a fabulous conversation about creative process and finding joy.

Margo introduced the episode with these words, “Can a hobby equal creative success? (YES.) On stretching your courage and confidence muscles, finding joy, and making your niche matter. All while skiing, or drawing! with Kimberley Kay“.

The Windowsill Chats page said, “This week Margo is chatting about finding joy, spreading joy, and ways in which we can seek more joy with author and illustrator, Kimberley Kay. After a busy career in the travel industry running press offices for big travel companies she decided to pursue art and illustration, partly prompted by a serious knee injury which was the catalyst for a new perspective. Her bright, colorful illustrations illustrate positive emotions and happy times. She loves working with vibrant watercolor paints, free motion embroidery and intricate paper cutting techniques. Through her work under the brand of Inspire by Kim she encourages people to find joy.”

The podcast recording is here.

Ski Illustration from Ski A to Z Book

Margo commented in the podcast, “In your illustrations you see their eyes, you see their smiles, you see their concentration. I love that so much. You really do see how that person is enjoying what they are doing. It really comes through and they are so thoughtful. I love how you put down the colour and how you blend, the tones you use.”

Downhill Skiing Illustration from Ski A to Z

Margo said about Ski A to Z, “First of all of course it’s visually pleasing and the information is great but I can see it really helping people.”

Thanks so much Margo. It was wonderful and inspiring to talk.

More information about Ski A to Z here.

Ski Trip Packing Tips

I’m pleased to see that Dan Egan has a copy of Ski A to Z in his bag for this winter season in this packing tips article.

See Dan’s ski trip packing tips in this article…

I worked with Dan late 2020 on his book co-authored with Eric Wilbur, 30 Years In A White Haze, producing 22 illustrations for the book, mostly while I was in lockdown in the UK.

We held meetings over Zoom when working on 30 Years In A White Haze so it was great to meet Dan at The National Snow Show a few weeks ago and put our books together.

Dan kindly endorsed the back cover of my Ski A to Z book:

Dan Egan Ski A to Z endorsement
Illustration inspired by Dan in Ski A to Z and Dan’s back cover endorsement of the book.

The packing tips article is here. Have a great season on the slopes and trails.

More information about Dan’s wonderful book 30 Years In A White Haze is here.

For Ski A to Z information and links to buy click here. Ski A to Z is being published by Meyer & Meyer Sport

Ski A to Z Review in Ski+Board

In the latest edition of Ski+Board magazine (22 November 2021) Arnie Wilson reviewed Ski A to Z and Goodnight Chairlift in a fabulous double page spread with cover pictures and illustrations from the two books.

In the review Arnie said, “What makes this book – for me at least – are the flamboyant (and I use the word as a huge compliment) illustrations. Most people reading Ski+Board will have a pretty good grasp of skiing’s A to Z, but because this glossary of definitions and suggestions has a backdrop of hugely colourful and cheerful illustrations, it does wonders for any lingering lessons in the learning process about skiing safety, instruction and après-ski pleasures, even though in many ways it’s aimed at beginners.” Arnie Wilson Ski+Board November 2021

Ski+Board is the magazine of The Ski Club of Great Britain. Arnie Wilson was previously the ski correspondent for the Financial Times and later editor of Ski+Board.

Goodnight Chairlift is the new book from Libby Ludlow, illustrated by Nathan Jarvis.

Thanks Arnie. More about Arnie at this link.

Après-Ski Book illustration image which is included in the magazine feature.

Info and pre-order links for Ski A to Z are here.


I have launched a new website to celebrate my first book Ski A to Z being published, and so with the new website comes a fresh new blog space.

New book aims to demystify skiing from A to Z 

New book Ski A to Z is a fun, practical, fully illustrated introduction to Alpine skiing, intended to answer all the questions new skiers may have and to help prepare them for mountain experiences.

“An entertaining insight into the world of skiing, ideal for anyone new to the sport.” 

Dan Egan, Author and Extreme Skier, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

Written and illustrated by debut author Kimberley Kay and published by Europe’s leading sports publisher, Meyer & Meyer Sport, Ski A to Z provides information, tips and insights to help novice skiers of all ages grasp the sport. 

Many people may be put off beginning the sport as they simply haven’t a clue where to start, what questions to ask – or even the confidence to ask those questions. Ski A to Z removes that barrier, giving all newbies access to the information they need to venture into the sport and opens the door to experiencing the wonder of skiing. 

The accompanying illustrations are intended to resonate with avid skiers as well as new, demonstrating the exhilaration and joy of skiing. 

In full colour and hardback format, Ski A to Z is available to pre-order now. With publication scheduled for the beginning of December 2021, it makes an ideal Christmas gift, well in time for the ski season.

“This is an absolute gem and one of the best ski books I’ve seen. It’s perfect for families who are planning on going away on their first ski trip, as well as regular skiers, and it really is what it says it is – the A-Z of skiing. The work that has gone into this book, not just the incredible art, but the perfectly explained details of skiing is quite amazing. You will not be disappointed.” 

Pat Sharples, Head Coach, Team GB Snowsport.

About the author:

Since starting skiing aged five Kimberley has over forty years of ski experience including racing, teaching, and heli-skiing, as well as ski holiday promotion during a 20 year career in travel PR.

Kimberley Kay said, “It is hoped that Ski A to Z will make the sport increasingly accessible to a more diverse audience by helping people to feel that they have adequate information to give skiing a try.”

Liz Evans of Meyer & Meyer Sport, said, “As Ski A to Z is written and illustrated in the classic style of A – Z books the format gives readers the option to read cover to cover, or to dip into the book for definitions or to answer queries. Kim’s passion for skiing, and enthusiasm for sharing helpful insights shines through her writing and illustrations. We hope that Ski A to Z will give people the inspiration and confidence to try the sport.”

Kimberley said, “People may start skiing through friends and relatives who ski, or they may try skiing with school or at a local ski facility (artificial or snow); but they may not have any of these connections – the book is like an all knowing ski friend and shares things it can take years to learn otherwise. There is information from artificial slopes, through to powder skiing, explanation of how boots and bindings work through to advice on what to wear and safety tips. 

“I’m delighted that Meyer & Meyer Sport are publishing the book, allowing it to reach and empower more people to experience the joy of skiing and mountain environments.”

“Congratulations Kimberley Kay on producing an informative and memorably illustrated book to introduce newcomers to Alpine skiing and learn the unique terms and movements in a straightforward way.” 

Sarah Lewis OBE OLY, Global Sports Leader, and Secretary General of FIS International Ski Federation 2000-2020 

Ski A to Z is available to pre-order now through any good book store or online retailer. Further information can be found here.

Thank so much for visiting my blog. Please come back soon. 

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