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Skiing Can Be As Easy As A To Z

I wrote and illustrated the following article for the National School’s Snowsports Association magazine to provide information, advice and tips for school ski trip organisers and the youngsters experiencing skiing for the first time. The illustrations were created in watercolours specifically for the article. Thank you to NSSA for this magazine feature.

Skiing offers a freedom and independence that helps young people build courage and self-esteem. Anyone who has introduced someone to the sport of skiing will know that there is a great deal of information that the new skier requires and many questions they will have. New book Ski A to Z is an illustrated guide to skiing, an ideal resource for parents, teachers and youngsters preparing for a school ski trip.

A first ski trip is a wonderful new experience, as school ski trips provide the opportunity for those who don’t have friends and family who ski, to try the sport; however, preparing for this first trip may feel daunting. That is where this book comes in. Suitable for all ages, Ski A to Z makes key information about the world of skiing accessible and easy to absorb. 

Whether the first skiing experience is on a dry slope in the UK, on an indoor snow slope, or in the mountains, this concise, practical, engaging book will help the new skier know what to expect.

Dry slope ski racing
Ski A to Z open book cover

Ski A to Z provides information, tips and advice. From ‘What to Wear’ to ‘Where to Stay’, the book is an invaluable resource in the lead-up to a ski trip. Information about equipment, ski lifts, weather and navigation will be helpful and reassuring to a new skier. Explanation of the ski hire process will save time, and assist the group members to get the ski kit they need. The book complements and advocates ski instruction and its importance. 

Structured from A to Z, the reader can soak up the information from cover to cover, seek definitions, or open at random. The book is designed to provide useful insights and gems of knowledge for novice and even seasoned skiers.

Ski A to Z Group Ski Trip Spread

The information and tips in the book are succinct and clear, making them easy to absorb and retain, and therefore easy to apply whilst skiing. To help the reader visualise and learn, the book has over 100 informative, fun, full colour illustrations. The illustrations make the book accessible, which mirrors the mission of the author/illustrator to make skiing more accessible by providing a one-stop guide to the sport. In hardback format, and a handy size, the book can be easily packed for use and reference on a trip.

Author and illustrator of Ski A to Z Kimberley Kay, said, Skiing is an amazing, invigorating sport, but if you have never tried it, where do you start? Will it be cold? What do you wear? How will you stop? Ski A to Z answers the many questions that those new to the sport have and even answers many questions that they will not know to ask.”

Skier in blue school uniform with Maths Book

Kimberley added, “The information in Ski A to Z complements ski instruction and allows the reader to fast forward to the fun of skiing as they can concentrate better on learning to ski with less distractions from wondering about what is going on around them. Reading Ski A to Z before and during a ski trip will help allay fears and aid confidence.” Kimberley explains why this is important in Ski A to Z: “Being calm, but dynamic, while learning to ski makes the skier relax downwards, giving the ski edges good contact with the snow and enabling skiing in control.”

Kimberley continued, “Ski A to Z is like an all-knowing ski friend and contains the knowledge required to plan, try and enjoy skiing. Having positive early experiences on skis is most likely achieved with good preparation and the right kit; these can be a great foundation for future mountain experiences.”

Kimberley said, “My school stopped school ski trips before I had the chance to go due a pupil’s injury. My brother and I did however race for the school in races on artificial slopes, we helped fellow pupils to try racing. I always felt a great deal of pride when we won on school’s behalf. I hope Ski A to Z will enable more youngsters to try the sport, and assist parents in preparing their child for a ski trip.”

Are you a school ski trip organiser? Are you heading to the mountains for the first time? Give yourself a head start, get up to speed and allay fears. Ski A to Z will help you and your pupils to be prepared for the slopes and have a great start in skiing. Find out more about Ski A to Z and its wealth of insights here.

Kimberley’s key tips for those planning group ski trips

  • Make the most of mountain time and learn key skills on an artificial slope beforehand.
  • Using online maps to become familiar with the key slopes, lifts and routes beforehand can really help when navigating the mountain. 
  • Each skier should have the group leader’s contact details in their pocket. 
  • Make applying high SPF sunscreen part of the ski day routine. 
  • Take pictures of equipment, labels and hire shop contact details in case of an issue.
  • Always have a ski area map available; the map will often have details of the organisation to contact in the event of an emergency. 
  • Stop to the side of the slope where there is good width and visibility. 
  • Skiing is a sport that gets easier with progression, but for beginner skiers it can be exerting so having the opportunity for other activities such as snow shoeing, ice skating, sledding can complement the time skiing and add to the enjoyment of the mountain experience.

Endorsement of Ski A to Z 

“This is an absolute gem and one of the best ski books I’ve seen. It’s perfect for families who are planning on going away on their first ski trip, as well as regular skiers, and it really is what it says it is – the A-Z of skiing. The work that has gone into this book, not just the incredible art, but the perfectly explained details of skiing is quite amazing.” Pat Sharples, Head Coach, Team GB Snowsport.

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About the author/illustrator Kimberley Kay 

Add Ski A to Z to your ski trip resources list.

Kimberley has over forty years of ski experience including racing, teaching children to ski, and heli-skiing, as well as ski holiday promotion during a 20-year career in travel PR. 

Kim learned to ski age 5 at the dry slope at Ski Rossendale, Lancashire and in Mayrhofen, Austria.

Now based in Yorkshire, Kim creates art and illustration under the brand of Inspire by Kim, further information at or on social media @inspirebykim.

Ski A to Z can be purchased through all good bookstores and online retailers. Ski A to Z is published by Meyer and Meyer Sport (UK), Europe’s Leading Sports Publisher, ISBN 9781782552338.

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