Donut Decorating Illustrations.

⚠️Warning, you may experience a sugar rush whilst ‘consuming’ this article.

As a private project for ongoing skills development I took the challenge of illustrating an excerpt from a new children’s book by author Zoe Tucker. An assignment from Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells Bootcamp.

This first piece was a warm up exercise. It was fun to paint these sweet treats and illustrate their characters and interrelationships.

The theme if the story excerpt was about a donut, named Coco Moloko, being decorated.

I sketched out the action of the narrative (above), whilst Coco Moloko (below) pondered what look to go for.

It was therapy to work in the assignment as I was feeling helpless at the unfathomable unfolding situation in Ukraine.

Below is my final double page spread for the assignment. I enjoyed deciding which aspects of the text to illustrate, and to bring the character to life. And adding lustre to any illustration is fun.

Text copyright Zoe Tucker – contact Zoe if interested in publishing.

I created the elements of the illustration in watercolours and then worked with these digitally.

The second aspect of the assignment, this part set by Riley Wilkinson, was to take the donut character forward, and design a toy concept. If you like your donuts warm you’ll probably enjoy this comforting microwaveable plush design.

I feel that the assignment moved my work forwards, which was my objective, so I’m pleased with the outcome.

Wishing everyone a Happy Pancake Day.

See more of my editorial illustration work at here – Ski A to Z book.

Ski A to Z – Illustrated Introduction To Skiing published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK)

You read to the end! Thanks for your support.

Kim x

Windowsill Chats – Podcast Appearance

I was delighted to have the opportunity to appear on Margo Tantau’s Windowsill Chats podcast.

Margo and I had a fabulous conversation about creative process and finding joy.

Margo introduced the episode with these words, “Can a hobby equal creative success? (YES.) On stretching your courage and confidence muscles, finding joy, and making your niche matter. All while skiing, or drawing! with Kimberley Kay“.

The Windowsill Chats page said, “This week Margo is chatting about finding joy, spreading joy, and ways in which we can seek more joy with author and illustrator, Kimberley Kay. After a busy career in the travel industry running press offices for big travel companies she decided to pursue art and illustration, partly prompted by a serious knee injury which was the catalyst for a new perspective. Her bright, colorful illustrations illustrate positive emotions and happy times. She loves working with vibrant watercolor paints, free motion embroidery and intricate paper cutting techniques. Through her work under the brand of Inspire by Kim she encourages people to find joy.”

The podcast recording is here.

Ski Illustration from Ski A to Z Book

Margo commented in the podcast, “In your illustrations you see their eyes, you see their smiles, you see their concentration. I love that so much. You really do see how that person is enjoying what they are doing. It really comes through and they are so thoughtful. I love how you put down the colour and how you blend, the tones you use.”

Downhill Skiing Illustration from Ski A to Z

Margo said about Ski A to Z, “First of all of course it’s visually pleasing and the information is great but I can see it really helping people.”

Thanks so much Margo. It was wonderful and inspiring to talk.

More information about Ski A to Z here.