Let’s Meet At Renishaw Hall

I’m delighted to be bringing my art to the beautiful Renishaw Hall, in Derbyshire, for the Food and Craft Fair on 28th August 2022 from 10am to 4pm.

My painting of Renishaw Hall, painted on location in Summer 2021. Copyright Kim.

Renishaw Hall and Gardens is a special place to me so I’m looking forward to being there signing Ski A to Z first editions, chatting about how the book art and experiences were created. I’ll be showing some exciting new work which I’m busily working on to be ready to reveal!

In addition to Ski A to Z. I’ll be offering art prints. I’ll have fabric samples and a 2023 calendar to order.

There will be lots of lovely stalls at the Food and Craft Fair. Renishaw Hall and Gardens is a stunning private estate with literary and mining history which is home to the Sitwell family and is one of my favourite places to restore, explore and find calm. The gardens are available to visit and thankfully hall tours are now possible again. My visits to the gardens, quiet times painting, and meeting the lovely staff and wildlife, support my work.

Renishaw Hall Gardens is where I took the author picture for Ski A to Z. My publisher Meyer & Meyer Sport needed a picture urgently. So in May 2021 I dressed for the mountains and, trying not to melt, sought an alpine tree backdrop. The picture is in the introduction of Ski A to Z.

Ski A to Z is an illustrated introduction to skiing, packed with info, tips and advice to maximise enjoyment of skiing. Its fun of uplifting illustrations and some humour too. The book is ideal for anyone interested in snowsports or who is looking for a new challenge or adventure, More here.

If you already have a copy of Ski A to Z bring it along for signing, I would love to hear your feedback and your impression of the book, as this really helps spur me on and fuels my new work.

If you are not local but would like to order Ski A to Z click for the information here.

I’ll also be hoping to engage on the matter of a snowsports facility in South Yorkshire/ North-East Derbyshire and hoping to find some people/ land owners than can band together and get such a project moving.

Come along to Renishaw Hall on 28th August for the Food and Craft Fair from 10am until 4pm. Renishaw Hall S21 3WB.

My colleague enjoying a visit to Renishaw.

I hope to see you at the event. If you’re not able to come along I hope that at some point you will be able to enjoy the gardens, hall, vineyard, lakes and courtyard cafe of Renishaw Hall.

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My Latest News

College Alumni Article Coverage

Prompted by the recent Ski A to Z book signing at Ski Rossendale this article charts the story journey of my learning and career through to my present illustration work.

Image by Catherine Smyth Media

A reporter from my former college wrote up this alumni interview for Accrington and Rossendale College and it was used for an article with News Anyway.

See the full college alumni article here.

Read the News Anyway article here

For more information about my portfolio projects click here. Ski A to Z info and links to get your copy of the book are here.

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Franz Klammer with Ski A to Z!

A dream came true today! The legendary Franz Klammer now has a copy of Ski A to Z.

Thanks to Arnie Wilson for this picture and for introducing Franz to my book! This was Franz and Arnie at the Visit Austria golf day today.

Franz inspired me as the iconic ski racer as we were growing up. Having met Franz on a few occasions and been coached by him as a youngster, I’ve been keen for Franz to see my book.

I bumped into Franz at the Hannenkahm race whilst I was working in Austria teaching children to ski.

I can’t wait to see the film of Franz’s story Chasing The Line, which premiered in the UK last night.

Ski A to Z is published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK). For more information and and links to buy click here.

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Snowsports Hotel Room Concept

When developing a snowsports themed range of designs for interior decor I thought about where the ultimate use of my designs would be, it has to be the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is an iconic hotel that is firmly on my wish list. I follow ice skater Elladj Balde who skates on the lake with the hotel often in view when he does his amazing, inspiring skate tricks.

To show how my designs could be used I mocked up a Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise guest room.

Mock-up of how a room could look in my fabrics.

This design features fabrics and my art prints on the wall. The fabrics are ski gondolas, snowflake motifs made up of ski equipment, ski goggle reflections, skiing through trees and alpine skiers and cross-country skiers from above.

Inspire by Kim Fabric Samples

I used this goal as motivation to create a collection of ski and snowboard themed fabric and wallpaper designs. Designs which reflect a modern approach to snowsports themed decor and reflect the joy of skiing which I like to convey in my work.

This joy is a themed of my book Ski A to Z which was published by Meyer & Meyer Sport in January 2022. The book is now available globally and is helping new people to have a better start in the sport and for established skiers to benefit from information and advice to boost their enjoyment. Ski A to Z is distributed by Cardinal Publishing in the Canada and the US.

This joy is a themed of my book Ski A to Z which was published by Meyer & Meyer Sport in January 2022. The book is now available globally and is helping new people to have a better start in the sport and for established skiers to benefit from information and advice to boost their enjoyment. Ski A to Z is distributed by Cardinal Publishing in the Canada and the US.

Here are some lounge space mock-ups in my designs…

The full range of fabrics can be seen at my Spoonflower shop, and are available for licensing at the time of writing.

Inspire by Kim Spoonflower Shop Screen Grab

For more information about the fabric collections go here.

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Yorkshire Life Feature

Yorkshire Life magazine feature. Aghast to see this double page spread in the April edition of the magazine.

The magazine is out now with questions and answers all about my life in Yorkshire. Thank you to my publisher Meyer and Meyer Sport for setting up this feature.

Thank you to Yorkshire Life magazine, great to be reminded of what was definitely our run of the season.

The article uses the picture Tim took with the frozen waterfall when we skied the Lagazuoi hidden valley in Italy in January.

To quote the Lagazuoi website,”The 8,5 km long Armentarola is without doubt the most famous slope in the Dolomites and one of the most beautiful ski runs in the world… an enchanting fairy-tale valley surrounded by craggy mountain faces and steep frozen waterfalls.“

In a charming end to the experience horse drawn sleighs await to pull skiers over the snow along the final, flatter stretch of the route.

Thanks to my husband Tim for all of his support while I’ve been working on Ski A to Z including his great photography.

The information about Ski A to Z, sample spread from the book, and testimonials, are here

What is your run of the season?

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Spring On The Slopes

Here’s a magazine article that I have written and illustrated, all about spring skiing. Illustrations are an eye-catching alternative to photography.

Magazine editors and art directors, get in touch for use of existing illustrations or for bespoke new artwork – email inspirebykim@outlook.com

Enjoy the article, read it for spring skiing tips.

Have a great time skiing, do share how you are getting along on skis in the comments. Please share this post with friends who will find this useful.

My book Ski A to Z is available in hard back and ebook. For more information about the book, and the links to buy, visit the Ski A to Z page.

If you’ve already bought Ski A to Z please write a review. I love to read them and it helps more people to find and benefit from the book.

You can review the book where you purchased it, or if it was a gift then review on Google Books.

Ski A to Z is published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK)

Thank so much and happy spring skiing.

Kim x

Ski A to Z on spring snow in Orelle, last week.

Uplifting New Ski Art

My latest ski art pieces are here!

The first is a ski-themed band taking centre focus in the après-ski by performing in a cable car suspended above a crowd who are dancing on the snow.

The characters and mountains are painted in watercolours. The setting has been created from scratch digitally in Procreate app.

The ski band is available as a limited edition art print in my shop.

The following illustration recollects a challenging ski run, whilst teaching children to ski in Austria. Due to circumstances outside of my control I had three children under four years of age that I needed to get safely from the top to the bottom of a run. A slow, thigh burner of a descent, with the combined weight, but it worked.

The next piece is an ‘uplifting’ illustration of a ski gondola lifting passengers to the top of the mountain. Painted in watercolours, with a fresh colour palette, finished digitally with my iPad and pencil.

As a challenge I decided to give some animals the chance to enjoy some winter sports. I designed this festive greeting and rendered it in coloured pencils and made the final touches digitally. Including adding snowflakes with the brushes that I created in the Procreate app.

As a Valentine greeting I created this illustration in coloured pencils.

These pieces follow on from my illustrations for the Ski A to Z book – which contains over 100 of my ski illustrations. For more information and/ or to buy the Ski A to Z book click here.

Ski A to Z – illustrated introduction to skiing. Published by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK)

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Kim x

Best of 2021

Celebrating a great year of work in 2021. The Ski A to Z book, private commissions, the Fall Line t-shirt, my work being published in 30 Years In A White Haze, and meeting great people whilst promoting Ski A to Z, these are all wonderful highlights of 2021.

Here are my favourite 9 outcomes of 2021.

Favourite 9 outcomes from 2021

The best 9 explained – alternatively scroll down to ‘Choosing the Best 9’

1-9 going across from left to right:

1. Citrus themed sport ‘Joynal’ journal cover design project for Make Art That Sells (MATS) Bootcamp brief. 2. Belgian waffle, strawberries and raspberries watercolour painting. 3. Ski Band – Air guitar meets skiing for this cable car stage performance,

4. Ski themed surface pattern designs applied to tableware inspired by Margo Tantau’s teachings in MATS Home Decor course. 5. Snow falling on my first book written and illustrated, Ski A to Z. 6. Family skiing illustration for F for Family in Ski A to Z – tricky composition to get all those skis in.

7. Ski themed fabric design applied to an upholstered rocking chair and cushions (pillows), floor lamp, wallpaper and wall art prompted by MATS Hone Decor briefs. 8. Ski Piste/ Trail map created for M for Map in Ski A to Z. I created the map design then applied it onto the folded placeholder held by the mittened hands. And finally number 9. Commissioned artwork of Donna and Vaughn (who love to ski) to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Choosing the Best 9

These pieces stand out in terms of the stretch, the challenge, skills development progress and satisfaction with the final piece.

Ski A to Z has over 100 illustrations created from January 2020 to August 2021. The final illustration for the book was this one, painted on 20 August, dropped into the book layout the same day, and sent off for printing in first week of September.

Springs for knees concept for ‘M for Moguls’ in Ski A to Z

I worked really hard, dug deep to muster all the courage, resolve, stamina, belief and imagination needed to complete the projects/goals. The months of very long days although incredibly productive were at the expense of sleep, wrinkles and family time which I plan to balance better in 2022.

My new website and shop were other key outcomes, which solopreneurs will know is not easy.

There were many new pieces created this year, so in order to narrow it down I put all my favourite pieces from the year in a photo album on my phone, then selected the best 9 from these.

Favourite 40+ pieces, chosen from all those created in 2021


Thank you for all the support, likes, to my commissioners, collaborators and my publisher Meyer and Meyer Sport.

If a piece resonates with you I’d love to know, please comment or DM.

Remembering @tutorbill – I am grateful for Bill’s teaching which was a breakthrough for my drawing approaches, that are the foundation of that I create.

I’m excited to see what emerges through the work and projects in 2022.