Lancashire Telegraph Book Signing Story

It was wonderful to see this article in Lancashire Telegraph about the Ski A to Z book signing event at Rossendale.

Media coverage helps to spread the news about the book and help the message to reach the people who will benefit from the book.

Here’s the story online.

Thanks to Ski Rossendale and Lancashire Telegraph for this. The event as a great success. it was wonderful to meet such lovely people and see their enthusiasm for skiing. I hope their books will be a great help to their enjoyment of the sport.

Information and links to buy Ski A to Z are here.

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New Book Is A Gift For Families And The Ski Curious

New book Ski A to Z is a ‘gem’ of a resource for skiers, the ski curious, and those helping youngsters to access the sport. 

With many skiers unable to ski in the mountains for the past two winters there’s a buzz around skiing this season. Interest in winter sports is also currently being fuelled by the excitement and exhilaration of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ski A to Z book on snow

Ski A to Z is an illustrated introduction to skiing which aims to demystify the sport with information, advice, illustrations and helpful tips; an ideal way to refresh knowledge of all aspects of skiing. The book is intended to answer the questions new skiers may have and to help prepare them for mountain experiences, whilst demonstrating the fun to be had on the slopes. 

Author/ Illustrator Kimberley Kay with Ski A to Z

“Like an all-knowing ski friend”, is how the debut author and illustrator of Ski A to Z, Kimberley Kay, describes the book. The book is available to buy now and is being published by Europe’s leading sports publisher, Meyer & Meyer Sport.

Family in a ski gondola. Illustration from Ski A to Z - copyright Kim
Ski Gondola

Kimberley Kay said, “Easter falling later this year means many families who ski will be using the school holidays to travel the slopes, potentially skiing for the first time in two years. Ski A to Z is a great resource for all to get back up to speed, or for those skiing for the first time the book gives access to the information to support them as they venture into the sport, and opens the door to experiencing the wonder of skiing.”

Family skiing illustration from Ski A to Z/ Copyright Kim

Kimberley continues, “School ski trips are back up and running and so Ski A to Z can give parents and youngsters valuable insight and information to help them to prepare for their trip. Knowing what to expect will help to boost confidence and enjoyment of skiing.”

Instruction illustration for Ski A to Z by Kimberley Kay. Copyright Kimberley Kay

Liz Evans of Meyer & Meyer Sport, said, “As Ski A to Z is written and illustrated in the classic style of A – Z books the format gives readers the option to read cover to cover, or to dip into the book for definitions or to answer queries. Kim’s passion for skiing, and enthusiasm for sharing helpful insights shines through her writing and illustrations. We hope that Ski A to Z will give people the inspiration and confidence to try the sport.”

Freestyle skier and quote from pat Sharples Team GB Snowsports Head Coach

Presently in Beijing for the Winter Olympics, Pat Sharples, Head Coach, Team GB Snowsport, and father of two children, said, “This is an absolute gem and one of the best ski books I’ve seen. It’s perfect for families who are planning on going away on their first ski trip, as well as regular skiers, and it really is what it says it is – the A-Z of skiing. The work that has gone into this book, not just the incredible art, but the perfectly explained details of skiing is quite amazing. You will not be disappointed.”

Skiers about to disembark the chairlift, hopefully uneventfully!

The accompanying illustrations are intended to resonate with avid skiers as well as new, demonstrating the exhilaration and joy of skiing. In full colour and hardback format, Ski A to Z is available to buy now. 

Ski baby illustration for Ski A to Z

About the author:

Since starting skiing aged five Kimberley has over forty years of ski experience including racing, teaching, and heli-skiing, as well as ski holiday promotion during a 20 year career in travel PR.

Kimberley Kay said, “It is hoped that Ski A to Z will make the sport increasingly accessible to a more diverse audience by helping people to feel that they have adequate information to give skiing a try.”

Double page spread from Ski A to Z - fall line and family skiing.
Spread from Ski A to Z Book

Kimberley said, “People may start skiing through friends and relatives who ski, or they may try skiing with school or at a local ski facility (artificial or snow); but they may not have any of these connections – the book is like an all-knowing ski friend and shares things it can take years to learn otherwise. There is information from artificial slopes, through to powder skiing, explanation of how boots and bindings work through to advice on what to wear and safety tips. 

Meyer and Meyer Sport logo

“I’m delighted that Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) is publishing the book, allowing it to reach and empower more people to experience the joy of skiing and mountain environments.”

Ski A to Z is available to buy now through any good book store or online retailer. Further information can be found here and on the Meyer & Meyer website

Buy the ebook

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Buy in the US and Puerto Rico

Ski A to Z Book cover open, with endorsement from extreme skier Dan Egan.

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