There is a new way to buy from Inspire by Kim, catering for skiers and snowsports lovers from countries including in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. It is now possible to own some of Kim’s ski art on wall art, and a select range of products. These are printed on demand and shipped direct.

Kim’s art prints were previously only available to buy in the UK, so this new ‘print on demand’ shop makes it possible to order for delivery in many countries.

Screen Grab of the Inspire by Kim Red Bubble Shop

Head to Kim’s art and products shop for a range of fun ski and snowsport designs to keep the ski vibe all year round. Choose wall art to enhance your home, work place or business.

Alternatively select a product to use or wear. Kim has created a small range of products which work best for the artwork they feature.

Ideal for a ski house, ski themed room or to brighten up and living space you can choose the product and size and the shop host company ‘Red Bubble’ will take care of the rest.

Ideal gifts for ski and snowsports lovers, or to treat yourself.

Every purchase from this shop supports Kim’s work, informs of what customer’s most like and motivates Kim’s new work. Thank you for your support.

Kim has chosen artworks that have proved popular with customers at ski shows, author events and book signings. Kim will be monitoring the shop and adding and changing products to respond to demand, so if there is something you like then be sure to order it and avoid disappointment later. Head here to view all the products on sale.

Readers of Ski A to Z – An Illustrated Introduction to Skiing will recognise some of the art and characters from the book. More information and links to buy the Ski A to Z Book are here.

Ski A to Z is published by Meyer & Meyer Sport and is available in all the places that books are sold. Links to buy the book in your country are here.

Every purchase from this shop supports Kim’s work, informs of what customer’s most like and motivates Kim’s new work. Thank you for your support.

The new product range complements Kim’s fabric designs, wallpapers and home decor available with Spoonflower. if you are an interior designer, want snowsports themed fabrics and wallpapers then head to the Inspire by Kim Spoonflower shop.

How Does It Work?

Orders print and ship from 3rd-party fulfillers worldwide. After you place your order, it’s routed to one or more 3rd-party fulfillers based on the delivery location and product types. Then the 3rd-party fulfiller prints and ships on behalf of the independent artist.

Red Bubble

Happy Shopping!

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Ski Stars – Tell Your Stories

I’m keen to hear your stories about the people that have made all the difference to your skiing and snowsports. Those gems who took, or take, the time to help you, and have really contributed to your enjoyment of the sport.

I’m hoping to collect stories to inspire a body of work for exhibition later in the year.

Friendly, lovable yeti with skier and snowboarder
This illustration was sketched for a commission that didn’t come off, but it felt important to complete this illustration.

Whether it be an instructor, coach, teacher of relative if you are happy to share your story please either comment, or alternatively email your story to

Thanks for each story, watch this space for how the stories will be illustrated and/ or inform my work.

How The Work Was Made

I’ve been sketching a lot recently so I chose which from the pencil sketches. I picked the star character, which I originally created as a Christmas sketch, whilst trying to get ahead for Christmas 2023.

Once happy with the pencil sketches, characters and proportions I got set up for a painting session.

Painted skier with star and pencil sketch
The painting in progress along with the original sketch and fingers to show the scale of the piece.

These fresh new illustrations were painted yesterday and today in my favourite Kuretaki watercolour paints, then finished with Duller coloured pencils and Uni-ball eye gel pens to finish.

The paints and gel pens are the key materials that I used to create the illustrations for Ski A to Z. I’m exploring some of the colours not used for the book art, and am enjoying the different hues whilst still hoping to communicate the joy and emotion of skiing.

Many thanks for your support. Please follow or subscribe to see my work as it is created. If you like Ski A to Z please share a review where you bought it, or review it on Google Books as this helps more people to know about, and be helped by the book.

Thanks in advance for any stories that you are happy to share.


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