Bunny in Ski and Snowsport Fabrics

In the week leading up to Boston Snowbound Expo I brought my ski and snowsports fabric designs together in this ski bunny character.

The fabrics are all in my Spoonflower shop here. The fabric used is the Petal Signature Cotton.

The fabric designs used for the bunny are Ski Icons, Snow Crystals on Warm Colours, Ski Goggle Reflections, Ski Peaks, Ski Isometric Pattern, Heart Plaid and Ski Fun. He has a heart on one paw symbolising love and the sun on the other paw for light.

Here is the bunny as part of my display at Snowbound Expo at the Hynes Convention Centre in Boston, Massachusetts last weekend.

He was alongside the swatch book of my designs and on fabric samples used as tablecloth sections.

I chose from my 25 fabric designs to cut, sew and stuff this new character.

He started as a sketch, after taking shape in my mind for a while.

I planned the fabric pieces for contrast and variety.

After cutting all the fabric pieces, managing not to start sewing before I had done this, I then started to bring the pieces together.

I’m not the best at sewing but I wanted to show one way that the fabrics could be used, to help inspire people for their projects.

The shoulders and feet were particularly tricky.

When I previously made a stuffed character I struggled with the fiddleiness and small seam allowances. So this time I added interfacing on the reverse of all the fabrics to make them easier to work with.

It feels like magic to sew with fabrics that I designed. Thanks to Spoonflower for printing them so vibrant and detailed.

This little dude is set to travel. He got his eyes sewn on Monday and flew to the United States on Tuesday.

It was great to chat about sewing projects and discuss ideas at the booth. So he now just needs a name. You can email your suggestion or add it in the comments.

See this short animated video clip of him here. No sooner was he completed that he went off skiing! Animated in Aardman Animation’s ‘Animate It’ app.

The Inspire by Kim shop on Spoonflower has over 20 ski, snowsports and winter themed designs to choose from. Select the designs you wish to order, select the type of fabric from voile to velvet, decide the quantity, and Sooonflower print it on demand and ship it to you. Find my shop here.

I’m keen to see whatever is made in the fabrics so please share it on email to inspirebykim@outlook.com or on social media please tag it @inspirebykim

Thank you so much, happy making!

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Blue Print Online 2022

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Blue Print Online – Buyers Book Now

“While it has been impossible to hold the actual show in New York, Blue Print created an online event to keep Art Directors and Buyers in touch with Artists, Illustrators and Studios. Each exhibitor has created an online booth for the event, enabling meetings with Art Directors and Buyers using Doodle and Zoom.” Paul of Blue Print Online.

Blue Print Online is almost here. I’m excited to be exhibiting my work at this online show for art buyers. I’ve been busy working on new designs, my exhibitor page, social media flyers and my show presentation. Exhibiting at the show means that my designs can be considered for interior decor, stationery, wallpaper, giftwrap and products.

Here’s a message from the show organisers:

While it has been impossible to hold the actual show in New York, Blue Print created an online event to keep Art Directors and Buyers in touch with Artists, Illustrators and Studios. Each exhibitor has created an online booth for the event, enabling meetings with Art Directors and Buyers using Doodle and Zoom.

The web address is www.blue-print-online.com. From the Home Page you can find all the information you need to access The Show. We have added some Product images to this show, these can be seen on the exhibitors pages, along with their artwork.

To receive the password to access The Show and view the exhibitors and their exciting new artwork, you will need to register in the Buyer Register section. Once you receive your password you can access The Show from August 9th 2022 and book your Zoom meetings with the studio or artists of your choice. The actual show dates are August 16th -18th 2022.

As usual there is a mix of established designer, artists, illustrators and exciting new talent at this latest event, you can see their flyers updated daily at https://www.instagram.com/blueprintshows/

We are looking forward to seeing you at Blue Print Online ! 

Best Regards / Paul / Blue Print Shows 


instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blueprintshows/

Kim here once more, I’m excited for the show. Art buyers – I look forward to meeting. Please book your meeting through my exhibitor page – the window for booking appointments is 9th to 12th August, for the show which is 16th – 18th August. Blue Print Online

I’m thrilled to be able to share my designs and brand new work. I can’t wait to meet with you.

Look for this collage to see my Exhibitor Page.

Look for this collage to see my Exhibitor Page.

Thanks so much for being here, please subscribe to my blog or newsletter to see my updates and new work.

If you’d like to buy art prints, or my Ski A to Z book visit my Shop.

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Best of 2021

Celebrating a great year of work in 2021. The Ski A to Z book, private commissions, the Fall Line t-shirt, my work being published in 30 Years In A White Haze, and meeting great people whilst promoting Ski A to Z, these are all wonderful highlights of 2021.

Here are my favourite 9 outcomes of 2021.

Favourite 9 outcomes from 2021

The best 9 explained – alternatively scroll down to ‘Choosing the Best 9’

1-9 going across from left to right:

1. Citrus themed sport ‘Joynal’ journal cover design project for Make Art That Sells (MATS) Bootcamp brief. 2. Belgian waffle, strawberries and raspberries watercolour painting. 3. Ski Band – Air guitar meets skiing for this cable car stage performance,

4. Ski themed surface pattern designs applied to tableware inspired by Margo Tantau’s teachings in MATS Home Decor course. 5. Snow falling on my first book written and illustrated, Ski A to Z. 6. Family skiing illustration for F for Family in Ski A to Z – tricky composition to get all those skis in.

7. Ski themed fabric design applied to an upholstered rocking chair and cushions (pillows), floor lamp, wallpaper and wall art prompted by MATS Hone Decor briefs. 8. Ski Piste/ Trail map created for M for Map in Ski A to Z. I created the map design then applied it onto the folded placeholder held by the mittened hands. And finally number 9. Commissioned artwork of Donna and Vaughn (who love to ski) to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Choosing the Best 9

These pieces stand out in terms of the stretch, the challenge, skills development progress and satisfaction with the final piece.

Ski A to Z has over 100 illustrations created from January 2020 to August 2021. The final illustration for the book was this one, painted on 20 August, dropped into the book layout the same day, and sent off for printing in first week of September.

Springs for knees concept for ‘M for Moguls’ in Ski A to Z

I worked really hard, dug deep to muster all the courage, resolve, stamina, belief and imagination needed to complete the projects/goals. The months of very long days although incredibly productive were at the expense of sleep, wrinkles and family time which I plan to balance better in 2022.

My new website and shop were other key outcomes, which solopreneurs will know is not easy.

There were many new pieces created this year, so in order to narrow it down I put all my favourite pieces from the year in a photo album on my phone, then selected the best 9 from these.

Favourite 40+ pieces, chosen from all those created in 2021


Thank you for all the support, likes, to my commissioners, collaborators and my publisher Meyer and Meyer Sport.

If a piece resonates with you I’d love to know, please comment or DM.

Remembering @tutorbill – I am grateful for Bill’s teaching which was a breakthrough for my drawing approaches, that are the foundation of that I create.

I’m excited to see what emerges through the work and projects in 2022.